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There she is!!! There she is!!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not French.

The song is actually in Korean, the song is called %uB5B3%uB2E4! %uADF8%uB140! (There she is!) By %uC704%uCE58%uC2A4 (Witches). I'm not sure which part sounds like poison to you guys, but it may actually be where he's saying "%uBD24%uC5B4, %uBF70%uC5B4, %uBF70%uC5B4 %uB124%uAC00 %uB0B4%uAC8C %uC654%uC5B4." Which means "I saw her, and she came to me."

The song is good if you don't know the lyrics, because they're pretty lame if you know what they're talking about. (Just like any South Korean song.) -_- The song is pretty much about a girl who is toying with his heart, and in the end of the song it ends with %uB2F9%uC2E0 %uC815%uB9D0 %uC88B%uC544, %uB098 %uBAB0%uB77C, which means, "I don't know if I really like you."

But yeah, good song and great video. Just letting everyone know that it's actually Korean and not French. Hope that helps.

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